GAME BIRD HUNTING (Duck/Goose/Upland)
Our northern Manitoba marshland is the natural habitat of thousands of mallards, scaup, canvasback, redhead, pintail, teal, bufflehead, widgeon, shoveller, scoter, ruddy, golden eye, snow and Canada geese. Upland game that inhabit our area include three types of grouse -ruffed, sharptail and spruce. Old logged-over areas within a few miles of our Lodge provide some excellent hunting grounds.

If you are an experienced hunter, it is not necessary to take a guide as a few directions are all that is needed to put you onto some superb hunting. We do guide and many of our customers find it beneficial to take Jim on their first day out until they are acquainted with the area.


2022 HUNTS

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2020 - paused due to covid.

Canada/US border closed.

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